User agreement for personal information protection

  • We inform you that it will take a certain amount of time to process the report as it goes through the fact check and investigation process from the relevant department.

  • Personal information is private and IP tracking is strictly prohibited. We inform you that the informant and related information are thoroughly managed as confidential.

· Consent to collection and use of personal information (required)
In accordance with the [Personal Information Protection Act] Article 15, Synopex Co., Ltd. is receiving consent to the collection and use of personal information for the collection and use of personal information. ※If the personal information provider does not use it for any purpose other than the content agreed upon, and if you want to refuse the use of the provided personal information, you may request for viewing, correction or deletion through the personal information manager.
[Items of Personal Information Collection] Required Items : Name, employment category, field of application, contact information, e-mail
[Purpose of Use of Personal Information] It is used only for the purpose of inquiries about recruitment applications.
[Period of Use and Retention of Personal Information] * Retention Period : 5 years after application processing * Ground for Retention : Internal Policy of the Company