Ethical Management


Ethics Guidelines

We realize righteousness management through the transparentand fair corporate culture, and ethical management.


  • We are faithful to the basics, adhere to the principles, and grow into a company that is trusted and trusted based on integrity management.
  • We aim for the higher corporate value through innovation & technology, and ethical corporate culture to grow and develop together with customers, shareholders and employees.


  • We think customer’s value is most important, and provide the best products & services.
  • We maintain the sincere partnership with providing fair opportunities and guaranteeing reasonable terms to suppliers, outsourcing and service providers.


  • We realize fair profit through transparent decision and efficient management activities.
  • We respect shareholder’s rights and investment returns, and provide information in a timely manner.


  • We respect individual creativity and provide opportunities for fair competition.
  • We have no discrimination on the grounds of school ties, origin or religion.