Ethical Management

Ethics Counseling

Synopex collects opinions for ethical management through the establishment of clean and fair corporate culture.

Any stakeholder such as Synopex employees, customers and partners can make a report on unreasonable activities of Synopex employees, incorrect practices or policies in terms of ethical management. The received information is investigated in detail, the informant protection program keeps him safe confidentially.
Both real-name and anonymous can be applied, but real-name case can save time.

1. Operation Guide


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Ethics Counseling Guide



Report Submission
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Report contents
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2. Operation Guide

We receive reports of unfair business handling of Synopex employees, unfair requests using their positions and corruption, and are handled in a closed manner.

Your valuable words become the cornerstone of transparent management.

  • Employees’ embezzlement and misappropriation of public money and receipt of money
  • Unfair handling of employees’ work
  • All disadvantages related to the business
  • Unfair equity participation in unlisted business partners
  • Business activities and double employment activities of executives and employees
  • Others against the code of ethics

3. How to report

  • The results of anonymous report will not be replied.
  • Please be sure to provide your contact information so that you can check it during the investigation process.
  • We will reply promptly.

*Synopex’s Ethics Counseling Is based on the a one-to-one system between the Synopex audit office and the reporter, and is never disclosed to third parties.

4. Informant Protection Program

01. Confidentiality

Disclosing or implying the identity of the informant without the informant’s consent is prohibited.

02. Status Security

We protect against any disadvantages or penalties such as disciplinary action from affiliated departments or business relations for reasons such as reports, statements, and data submission.

03. Responsibility Reduction

If the reporter’s own negligence or error related to the report is found, the disciplinary action against the reporter may be reduced or exempted.