Dear customers, Hello

In order to grow together, in order to establish the best business base, we have actively promoted not only domestic but also overseas markets including new growth countries.

Based on the 4th Industrial Revolution, the boundaries among digital, physical, and biological fields are gradually disappearing, and as a technological revolution that converges, we are entering a new era that we have never experienced before.
It is expected that the speed is unparalleled compared to the past and wide and deep changes will occur simultaneously in numerous fields.

Under the banner of “Great Innovation to the Apex,” we want to do our best with company-wide innovation.
Based on the enthusiasm that we do not give up under any circumstances, a forward-thinking mindset that is ahead of the times, differentiated creative ideas, and an organizational culture in which smooth communication with not only internal members but also various stakeholders, we want to take the step of innovation once again.
Synopex will be a company that always communicates with customers, shareholders, and employees for a better tomorrow.
We will always work together toward the top without hesitation to change.