Company Introduction


Synopex pursues new values and develops while aiming for shared growth, innovation, and the best to open future growth.


It means sharing knowledge and information and creating a happy society through shared growth Shared growth, win-win development and harmonious teamwork.
Synopex’s teamwork includes not only the internal organization of the company, but also customers and partnerships, as well as the community, country, and world


It is a spirit to constant change for sustainable growth in the future with creative thinking and challenging spirit.
Big challenges are boldly achieved, and even small Challenges are not neglected. Synopex’s innovation advances the new future.


Pursue the best productivity and quality and grow as a global leader through eco-friendly green management.
The best that Synopex pursues is to always work together toward a healthier, more prosperous, and better future.

Starting in 1985, we have been constantly working and changing over the past 30 years. Until today's Synopex existed, we always challenged new things and innovate for a better tomorrow.